QG369® Exclusive Limited Membership.
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Unleash the full potential of quantum technology with Quantum Generation®. Join the revolution as we bring a new era of innovation and connectivity with our Space-Based Quantum Ecosystems. Experience the future of decentralized technology with our terrestrial and orbital QGSAT® satellites, managed specifically for the QG369® Community. Be at the forefront of this groundbreaking movement and join us in building a more connected and innovative world

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QG369® Exclusive Quantum Membership
Includes Placement on the QPhone® VIP list. 

Join the exclusive QG369® community and take ownership of your financial future. Our limited membership NFT card grants you access to a decentralized quantum blockchain network, where you can trade your QG369® for tangible goods and services as an innovative alternative payment. But that's not all - as a member, you also have the opportunity to earn value in your QG369® as the community grows and thrives. Don't miss out on this limited opportunity to be a part of a game-changing movement in the world of finance. Become a member of the QG369® Exclusive Limited Membership today.

Join the QG369® Exclusive Limited Membership and be at the forefront of the quantum revolution. Our space-based community is dedicated to empowering members with a voice through our decentralized social media platforms, quantum internet, Quantum Box, and communication. We're bringing developers, investors, and events together to build a prosperous future for our community. With our jurisdictional agility, we're breaking down barriers and creating endless opportunities for our members. Become a part of the Quantum Generation® space-based community and take control of your future today.



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QG Tesla

Join to win a Tesla 3

Win a Tesla 3

The first 9,369 QG369® Memberships that join will be place in a pool to have a chance at winning Tesla 3 Automobile. Our goal is to have over 1 million members in the next 24 months all participating in building  the new Space Based Community. Becoming difference makers in the Quantum Generation® Space Revolution.

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Quantum Generation® 

Join the QG369® Exclusive Quantum Membership and take control of your digital future. By clicking the button below, you'll become part of the Quantum Generation® Space movement - a community dedicated to preserving freedom, privacy, and security in the digital world.

Don't let big government or centralized tech control the platform - with Quantum Generation®, you'll have the power to shape your own destiny and participate in a truly global free market. Sign up now and be a part of shaping the future.

QG369® Membership

Upon payment, you will receive an email confirmation and instructions on providing your wallet address

Tier 1 
$ 100 Annually
  • Exclusive Limited Quantum Generation Membership
  • Placed on priority List for QPhone and other services 
  •  Events
  • Tier one Membership receives NFT Member Card and 2,000 Q369 Coins (BEP20)/  that can be used for services and products as well as trade with members or future decentralized exchanges like Sushi swap 
  • Q369 Coin is a reflective coin with a 12% Tax which provides a percentage to a liquidity pool for the centralized exchanges, development, and 5% additional tokens distributed to the coin holder for every token purchase. Watch it grow, 
  • Access to private Discord private membership platform
  • Place in a pool with a chance to win a Tesla 3 Automobile after 9369 memberships sold 
  •  And Much More 
Tier 2
$ 500 Annually
  • Includes Tier 1 Benefits Plus 
  • Tier 2 Membership Receives NFT Member Card and 10,000 Q369 Coins
  • Added to the list for all new beta testing and first to receive listed
  • Place in a pool with a chance to win a Tesla 3 Automobile after 9369 memberships sold 
  • USD 500 / per year
  • Additional revenue opportunities
Tier 3
$ 1000 Lifetime 
only 5000 Available at this price
  • + Tier 1 & 2 benefits
  • NFT Tier 3 Member Card and  20,000 Q369 Coins
  •  0.01 % additional tokens in token pool
  • First 1000 Lifetime members receives digital foot print in the Q369 -9 Craft
  • VIP access to Developers, leaders, investors, influencers and private events. 
  • USD $1,000 / Lifetime
  • all pricing and terms subject to change

To Pay in Crypto

Tier 1
$ 100 Annually
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Tier 2 
$ 500 Annually
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Tier 3
$ 1000 Lifetime
  • Pay in Crypto

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