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Join QG369®'s Exclusive Limited Membership for ownership of your financial future. Get access to a decentralized quantum blockchain network to trade your QG369® for goods and services as an innovative payment. Earn value as the community grows.

In addition, QG® is transforming the digital currency landscape with its bartering coin, QG369®Coin, which can be traded for services, products, Peer 2 Peer, or on decentralized exchanges. Furthermore, the member maintains custody, ensuring privacy, decentralization, and freedom. Don't miss this game-changing opportunity. Join QG369® now.

Be at the forefront of the quantum revolution with QG369®'s Exclusive Limited Membership. Join our space-based community for a voice through decentralized social media, quantum internet, Quantum Box, and communication. Break down barriers and create endless opportunities. Take control of your future with Quantum Generation®. 

Quantum Generation® is excited to announce the upcoming launch of several groundbreaking technologies in Q3 and Q4. While regulatory and permitting processes can sometimes be challenging, our successful betas and growing list of partners and manufacturers give us every reason to be optimistic. We're hopeful we'll meet these milestones and continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with quantum technology. So join us on this exciting journey and be part of shaping the future of tech.

How Quantum Generation® Space-Based Ecosystem and quantum internet will SHAPE the FUTURE

Putting the Power in People's Hands

Quantum Generations® Inspiring the Next Generation

Quantum Generation® is a revolutionary space-based ecosystem that uses photons for data transfer and promises to change the way we live, work, and communicate. With decentralized satellite service, quantum internet, Fintech, and mobile technology, it offers endless opportunities and unprecedented coverage with fiber-speed internet and communications. Quantum Generation is a movement that inspires emerging leaders who have a vision and the courage to create new economies, protect privacy, and change the world. Its technologies, such as the QPhone® and Quantum Mesh Network, are cutting-edge and un-hackable, making them the perfect solution for modern-day communications.

QG369® membership community will be instrumental in the quantum space revolution. The community will access the new orbital economy and quantum Generation technologies. Join the QG® Community and gain access to quantum technologies. Join the Quantum Generation community and be part of the quantum space revolution. 


The QG369® membership coin is a Quantum Dollar for all our services and products. It reflects the growth and value of our community, which is dedicated to building a decentralized space-based ecosystem with jurisdictional agility. Similar to bartering tools of the past, the value of QG369® Membership Coins lies in the community that builds and controls it rather than in centralized entities.  Using a peer-to-peer environment or a decentralized exchange, QG369® Membership Coins can be bought, sold, or traded on the blockchain. QG369® mitigates the risk of the currency being devalued due to inflation, a common problem with fiat currencies. 

Join The QG369® Movement!

Join the Quantum Space Movement and be at the forefront of a groundbreaking era of innovation and connectivity. With our space-based ecosystem and cutting-edge technologies, Quantum Generation® is leading the charge in revolutionizing how we communicate. By joining our community, you'll have the opportunity to be part of a global network of Quantum Generation® Leaders, innovators, and disruptors who are shaping the future. Don't miss out on the chance to unlock the full potential of quantum technology and be a part of this exciting movement. Join Quantum Generation® today and be part of the Quantum Space Movement.

QG Tesla

Join Now for a Chance to Win a Tesla 3

Join the first 9,369 members of the QG369® Community and get a chance to win a Tesla 3 Automobile! Our mission is to build a Space-Based Community with over 1 million members in the next 24 months. By joining us, you will become a difference maker in the Quantum Generation® Space Revolution, working together to unleash the full potential of quantum technology.

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Quantum Generation® 

Join the QG369® Exclusive Quantum Membership to take charge of your digital future. Click the button below to join the Quantum Generation® Space movement. Our community is committed to safeguarding freedom, privacy, and security in the digital realm. Don't let centralized tech or big government dictate the platform - with Quantum Generation®, you can shape your destiny and participate in a truly global free market. Join us now to help shape the future.

QG369® Membership

Quantum Generation's is centered around the community's growth and using the native barter token as the medium of exchange within the ecosystem. Members can earn the token by contributing to the growth of the community, and the token can be used to barter and access the community's products and services. Upon payment, you will receive an email confirmation and instructions on providing your wallet address

Tier 1 
$ 100 Annually
  • Exclusive Limited Quantum Generation Membership
  • Placed on priority List for QPhone and other services 
  •  Events
  • Tier one Membership receives NFT Member Card and 2,000 Q369 Coins (BEP20)/  that can be used for services and products as well as trade with members or future decentralized exchanges like Sushi swap 
  • Q369 Coin is a reflective utility coin with a 12% Tax which provides a percentage to a liquidity pool for the centralized exchanges, development, and 5% additional tokens distributed to the coin holder for every token purchase. Watch it grow, 
  • Access to private Discord private membership platform
  • Place in a pool with a chance to win a Tesla 3 Automobile after 9,369 memberships sold 
  •  And Much More 
Tier 2
$ 500 Annually
  • Includes Tier 1 Benefits Plus 
  • Tier 2 Membership Receives NFT Member Card and 10,000 Q369 Coins
  • Added to the list for all new beta testing and first to receive listed
  • Place in a pool with a chance to win a Tesla 3 Automobile after 9369 memberships sold 
  • USD 500 / per year
  • Additional revenue opportunities
Tier 3
$ 1000 Lifetime 
only 5000 Available at this price
  • + Tier 1 & 2 benefits
  • NFT Tier 3 Member Card and  20,000 Q369 Coins
  •  0.01 % additional tokens in token pool
  • First 1000 Lifetime members receives digital foot print in the Q369 -9 Craft
  • VIP access to Developers, leaders, investors, influencers and private events. 
  • USD $1,000 / Lifetime
  • all pricing and terms subject to change

To Pay in Crypto

Tier 1
$ 100 Annually
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Tier 2 
$ 500 Annually
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Tier 3
$ 1000 Lifetime
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