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Due to software updates, the QPhone Projected Target Launch has been rescheduled Third Quarter, 2024.
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How Quantum Generation® Space-Based Ecosystem
and quantum internet will SHAPE the FUTURE

Putting the Power in People's Hands

Quantum Generations® Inspiring the Next Generation

Quantum Generation® is a pioneering space ecosystem harnessing photons for transformative data transfer. It brings decentralized satellite service, quantum internet, Fintech, and rapid mobile connectivity, promising groundbreaking speed and reach.

The QG Nexus movement empowers visionary leaders eager to forge new economies, ensure privacy, and reshape our world. Key innovations like QPHONE®, Quantum AI, and Quantum Mesh Network provide modern, secure communication solutions.

Joining the QG369® community places you at the heart of this quantum revolution, granting access to orbital economies and state-of-the-art technologies. Be part of Quantum Generation's transformative journey. 


Quantum AI

Experience the cutting-edge advancements in Quantum AI with Quantum Generation's groundbreaking QG AI platform,
as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and unlock new realms of possibilities.

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Quantum Generation® 

Join QG369®'s Quantum Membership and steer your digital destiny. Embrace the Quantum Generation® Space movement below. Prioritize freedom, privacy, and security away from centralized tech and government influence. With Quantum Generation®, mold your future in a global free market. Join and influence tomorrow.

QG369® Membership

Quantum Generation's is centered around the QG Nexus community's growth and using the native barter token as the medium of exchange within the ecosystem. Members can earn the Barter token by contributing to the growth of the community, and the Community Barter token can be used to barter and access the community's products and services. Upon payment, you will receive an email confirmation and instructions on providing your wallet address

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  • USD $1,000 / Lifetime
  • all pricing and terms subject to change
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